This short street gets a long name, it’s named after the “Noorderkerk” (Northern Church). If I crane my head out the window of my apartment I can see the church tower with the year it was opened, 1623, shining in the sunlight. Without opening the window I can hear the clock chiming every half hour. For a while there was no tower and no chimes, but about August last year it was replaced and the chimes rang out again. I think it took about 3 months to learn to sleep through them.

On one corner is a shop with the grooviest glasses in the world – but most of them aren’t for sale! How it makes money I have no idea, but it entertains me to see people admiring the window display. The only other shop in the street sells records, old fashioned LPs, and apples. I wonder which product makes more money?

Where the street joins Lindengracht there is a bar and a pizza/pasta place. The bar is friendly, has a real set of regulars and celebrates every Dutch football success. The pizza/pasta place, Capri, is great for a quick meal – their gnocchi rocks. The crew are authentic Italian, it’s best if you can order in Italian, (but Dutch or English will also work). In summer both the bar and the restaurant set all their tables out on the pavement and everyone enjoys the long summer evenings. Wat gezellig!


2 thoughts on “Noorderkerkstraat

  1. Thanks for the help with the links! Am so glad that you’ve got your 5 Streets up! Can’t wait to read about where you live 🙂

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