Merry Christmas Prinsengracht

Tomorrow, 5 December, is the Dutch Sinterklaas. All over the country families will gather and gifts will be given in the name of Sinterklaas. The tradition includes ‘surprises’ hiding your gift inside something, and creating a teasing poem. For the last few years I’ve had Sinterklass party at my house for Dutch and non-Dutch friends. Seeing how the non-Dutch interpret the tradition is always a surprise.

So shopping season begins early here, and one interesting place to shop in Amsterdam is in the “Negen Straatjes“, or nine little streets, which are actually adjacent to Prinsengracht. They are genuinely little, each one is about 50 metres long. Most of the stores are expensive so it’s usually only window shopping in the area for me!

At this time of the year it is completely dark by 5pm, and the streets are all lit up, with the light reflecting off the canals it does look magical.

sorry no photos; my camera has died. Guess what I’m asking Santa for!

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