Signs of Spring

The temperature has crawled into double figures, tulips are peeking out, the terraces are filling up, cats are sunning themselves and finally I’m updating my blog. I think everyone took the chance over Easter to get their boats out on the water again. It’s not quite bikini weather but I’m no longer needing the big coat, scarf, hat for the trip to work in the mornings.



On the downside it was really busy around here over Easter, a lot of Italian tourists around my area for some reason. The queue outside Anne Frank Huis was already around the corner and down the street quite early in the morning. Here’s my tip; during summer it’s open to 9pm (with the last entry at 8.30). When I walk past on my way home from work at about 7pm there’s no queue. Take an early dinner, perhaps at the Pancake Factory up the road or at one of the eetcafes on the Noordermarkt, and then go to the museum.


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