Queen’s Day Countdown!

So it’s Queen’s Day this Saturday. This means that the whole city will be orange. Most of the centre of the city becomes an open air market for the day with everyone selling their junk. There’s fierce competition for the best positions, particularly along Prinsengracht. The images above show where people have marked out their territory with tape – a week before the big day. That’s my bicycle in the background of one of the photos, I’d better move it before it’s sold.

The Friday and Saturday nights will both be big party nights here, one big-city-wide-open-air-street-party. It’s fun to bar hop around the area, but a good idea to take your own plastic cup – the bars won’t use the normal glasses because they just disappear. The population of the city will almost double and people will sleep anywhere. My place is in the middle of all of this, it’s a bit of a sanctury in the madness.

This year I will have my own stall. English books for 2 euro each. Bargain.


3 thoughts on “Queen’s Day Countdown!

  1. I think they should selling stuff on Queensday part of the inburgeringscursus. And yes my dear, with your sales that means you have passed with fly1ing colours!

  2. and typing English ofcourse is not part of this course, cause that would mean I would fail terribly…

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