Mystery Tourist Sites

I’ve been looking around some tourist sites about Amsterdam, and some of them are flat out inaccurate. Travelocity has got photos of Amsterdam, which is lovely except that at least two of the photos aren’t taken in Amsterdam. Anyone looking for these tourist sites in the capital city is going to be sadly disappointed.



Travelocity says you’ll see these sculptures in the garden at the “Rijksmuseum”, but these sculptures are near the entrance of the Kroller Muller Museum, about 2 hours drive from Amsterdam.




. ..



This is supposedly at “Westmarkt“, by which I guess they mean “Westermarkt”. Westermarkt is the area around the Westerkerk which lies between two main canals, and I walk past it every day. There are no free-standing houses anywhere nearby. In addition the lampposts around the church have a distinctive ornamental crown echoing that on top of the church steeple.

So where is it? I honestly don’t know, I doubt it’s in Amsterdam.

One thought on “Mystery Tourist Sites

  1. it looks like someone was a bit too busy with Photoshop, cause one of the lampposts is actually standing… in the water…!!

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