Bella is Back

Bella is a black cat with peridot green eyes, who lives at the bar behind the Noorderkerk. She’s mostly sweet, but if her eyes have grown very round she wants to play and she can get a bit crazy. She would often be outside the bar in the mornings when I went past and I would pat her, she got to know me well enough to “ask” me to open the bar door on cold nights so she could get back inside its fuggy warmth.

Bella disappeared at the beginning of summer. Where she went remains a mystery, and obviously she’s not telling. She was gone for about 3 months, there was a sign in the bar offering a reward for her return, but that was taken down after about a month. I guess we all thought she’d gone for good.

The first I knew of her return was on the way to work a week or so ago, when I’d passed the bar a man came out and called out to me “She’s come back! Bella is back!”

It was another three days before I saw her. She seems much the same, perhaps a little more solid, I wonder whether she snuck away to have her kittens. She gives me a green glinted glance, definitely a cat secret.


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