Rommel Piet!!!

We distorted a Dutch tradition and pretty much trashed our office. We threw streamers and glitter over the desks and sprinkled the key boards with candy and pepernoten.We also wrote a poem on the white board to explain

We had to come early this year
It’s just too busy and Sint fears
We won’t have time to visit everyone
So last night, as you see, we begun
We came here first, ‘cos you’ve been so good
We had a party (you knew we would)
We left behind something sweet
Sorry the room doesn’t look so neat

Following tradition Sinterklaas arrived in Amsterdam last week, with his naughty helpers, all called “Zwarte Piet“. Sinterklaas is here to reward the good children while the naughty children are put in a sack and taken to Spain, where Sint lives for the other 11 months of the year. Given the falling temperatures and the long nights this actually sounds like a good option.

Like all good traditions there are a number of rituals involved, none of which we followed. For starters we are one week early, and we pretended that the Piets had been having a party in the office.

The reaction of our colleagues was mixed. Mostly they thought it was pretty funny – particularly the note on the boss’s desk “be extra sweet to your team, otherwise I send the Piets back, Regards Sint”, and visiting colleagues were happy to steal some of the candy.


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