There’s a record store in Noorderkerkstraat with a huge collection of proper vinyl records and supplies of all the needles you’d ever need to play them. It’s tiny, cramped, with a fake courtyard of 3m square which has a musical themed mural – a dancing double bass. The store also has a sideline in fresh fruit, set out in baskets in front of the store.

The man running the store wears traditional widelegged pants and clogs. I think he’s the only man I’ve seen inside Amsterdam wearing clogs, it’s mostly now a rural fashion. On Queen’s day he sold “broodje kaas” (cheese sandwhiches) at a great rate.

He runs the store alone, and when he goes for a walk he simply locks the door and leaves the fruit outside. The sign on the door says “Fruit 1 euro per bag: Put the money throught the letter box please, thanks!”

In a city where stealing bikes is the number 1 crime, people do pay for their fruit!


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