Back to the Burqa

The issue of a burqa ban has reared its ugly head again.

Apparently Geert Wilders sees this as a vital issue. Mr Wilders lost a discussion last week on members of parliament having dual nationality, and was publically chastised by the leader of the house who commented that she expected MP’s to treat each other with respect.

But now his party want to raise the issue of wearing Burqas in public, he points out that “a majority in Parliament has twice urged the cabinet in motions he initiated to arrange a complete ban on wearing burqas in public.” Which is true, however that was before the last election.

Wilders party, the Partij voor Vrijheid (Freedom Party) did win 9 seats. Apparently there is a sector of Dutch society that supports these devisive policies. So we are set for more heated parliamentary discussions; I’m all for free speech, but given that I can’t vote it’s frustrating that my taxes are paying for Mr Wilder’s grandstanding.

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