No Burqa Ban

The new minister of integration, Ella Vogelaar, stated on radio that there will be no burqa ban implemented in the Netherlandss. This comes in the face of Geert Wilders ranting that it should be banned.

Ms Vogelaar clearly states that she is no fan of the Burqa, but points to difficulties in implementing a ban. No kidding – there is a constitutional right to freedom of religious expression guaranteed in the Dutch constitution. And then imagine enforcing it, scenes of a policeman trying to arrest a burqa wearer come to mind – not a good look for a so called tolerant nation.

This discussion has been going on for years, first with the former Minister of Integration, Rita Verdonk, and now with Geert Wilders.

So who would have been directly affected by this rule? Apparently just 150 women, yet it’s warranted two resolutions and endless discussions in parliament.

I hope this is the end of the discussion, it seems an enormous waste of tax dollars to discuss something that will contravene the constitution, affect barely 150 people, who may react not by throwing of the burqa and adopting Dutch dress – but by staying home. However I suspect the Islamophobes won’t be able to let it lie.


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