Two Passports? Eet Smakelijk!

There’s a Jamie Oliver style “Fifteen” Restaurant in Amsterdam. They pride themselves on being part of society, taking trainees from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tonight they have a special offer, if you have two passports you eat for free.

It’s no co-incidence that this offer follows hard on the heels of the discussions in parliament instigated by Mr. Wilders. The workers in the restaurant come from various backgrounds – Mauritius, Morocco, Turkey, Antilles and Somalia are listed on the website, and they have naturally been affected by these discussions.

They’ve come up with this idea because they see food, and a passion for good food, as something that brings people together, no matter what their background or how many passports they hold.

Congratulations to the team for making something positive out of this, and to the diners, “Eet Smakelijk” (enjoy your meal).

One thought on “Two Passports? Eet Smakelijk!

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