It’s Officially Spring

Today is the official first day of spring, it follows the warmest winter on record, and lots of spring flowers have already sprung. Or in the case of the crocuses sprung and finished.

I’ve already planted spring flowers, the climbing temperatures were just too tempting, so it’s particularly harsh that the temperature has plummeted and it snowed on Monday.

Tomorrow the Keukenhof opens – the most official start of spring there is in this country. Apparently the earlier warm weather means a great crop of bulb flowers this year. There are loads of tours out to the gardens, and loads of tourists who come here wanting to see it. It is worth seeing – if you’re into gardens, once.

If you can’t make it that far, try the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, not far from Anne Frank House. They have a small display about the history of tulips in the Netherlands including speculation on the tulip market.


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