New Commute

I had a meeting this morning at an office in Sloterdijk, so I cycled out there through the Westerpark. It was warmish, but overcast. Perfect weather for cycling. At the end of the park there’s a large Tuinwijk, this is an area of houses set in gardens, the houses are small, some are rather scruffy, some have satellite dishes.

The whole area is protected by a shallow canal, the local wild birds take great advantage of this and there are herons, coots and swamphens.

In the hedge of one property was this door. Judging by the way it’s set up the owners use a plank to take a short cut into the park. Crafty, they’ve got their very own moat.


2 thoughts on “New Commute

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your interesting blog, how you’ve showcased the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the city through pictures and writing. I’m visting next month–can’t wait to arrive!

    – Curtis

  2. Thanks! It’s the quirks that entertain me the most, and Amsterdam has enough of them to write about.

    I hope you enjoy your visit, let me know if there’s something you want to know about specifically.

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