Geert Wilders Gets a Wake-Up Call

MP Geert Wilders had a 3 hour “tutorial” with the National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism Tjibbe Joustra. He was shown documentary evidence of the reaction his comments have caused in Arab nations.

Mr. Wilders famously said that “Muslims should tear out and discard half the Koran if they want to live in the Netherlands”, and this was the strongest trigger for many Arab nations who went on to threaten reaction including trade bans with the Netherlands and recall of ambassadors.

“Fortunately none of that happened, but you do get a fright when you see all of that,” Wilders said.

In this country he has a right to state his opinion, and however much I disagree with him I have to uphold that right. The constitution also protects religious expression so there is no question that Muslims here may use the full version of the Koran and practise their faith freely.

However I really hope that he understands that he represents the Netherlands by virtue of his position. I hope he learns to frame his opinions with more thought.


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