Maybe I just don’t like horses enough, but I thought it was bad.

I was so looking forward to it as being Cirque du Soleil meets Spanish riding school, and it just failed for me.

The horses were lovely, beautiful animals, and it was lovely to see them move. There were moments of genuine genius on the part of the horse. But then there were strange acrobatic bits that didn’t seem to help the story, and competed visually with the horse action rather than enchancing it. Then there were some romantic bits, with Enya-type music… which just pushed it over the edge.

The show began with a short “quiz” projected up onto the stage curtain. The audience was supposed to raise their hand for the answer they thought was correct. Probably I see too much powerpoint at work, but this was not a good omen for me, although most of the audience joined in.

The theatre venue didn’t help – small seats and not enough leg room. But I’ve been to things before where the excitement of the show took me past all sorts of discomfort. This wasn’t it.


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