De Grote Donor Show

“The Big Donor Show” where three transplant candidates “compete” for a kidney, with audience voting during the show.

It wasn’t real.

Well, the candidates needing a kidney were real enough, and they still need one. The terminally ill donor was an actress (and give that woman an Oscar!)

But the show, set up to raise awareness, and the subject of blog, discussion forums, coffee machine arguments, international press interest and parliamentary debate, was never going to deliver a kidney to any of the participants. The participants knew the whole concept of the show, and presumably agreed to the show on the basis of getting publicity. There has been a rumour in the Netherlands that this would happen, but it was still a fairly surprising end to the show.

Based on the discussions I’ve been part of the show has already been successful. It remains to be seen whether there is any change in the rate of donation, or any change to the law here.


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