Love Those Shoes

or How to score on Technorati Authority Ranking

I started this version of this blog on 1 June, so it’s new, it had zero authority with Technorati, I expected it to take time. But I’ve shot up to 94 in the space of 10 days. Pretty amazing for a personal blog I thought.

Then I took a closer look. It’s the same person, they’ve picked up that I used the word “shoe” in my post. And even though it refers to chocolate shoes they’ve hopefully (or more likely, automatically) loaded the content onto their 90 or so websites – many of which are probably hijacking someone’s brand – and bingo! My blog star is rising.

I think it’s hilarious, and points out a bit of a flaw in the system.

So my tip for gaining authority is to post a couple of blogs about shoes.

Nice irony if they pick up this post.

2 thoughts on “Love Those Shoes

  1. After the above post my Technorati star soared even higher, rocketing up to 135 in one day. But I’m an honest blogger, and Technorati responded to my heads-up email and fixed the problem… which dropped me down to a humble ‘2’ on the authority scale.
    Oh well, back to writing I guess. šŸ™‚

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