Naked Art

Everyone knew what was it was about, I didn’t until I spotted a sign with the artist’s name. Then I overheard someone saying that “they’d come by boat” indicating Prinsengracht. So I settled in to wait with the crowd – all of us clicking away with cameras at the blank screen.
Lots of boats came through Leliegracht while we waited, and most were surprised at the audience, but the girl on this boat got up and danced.
The work of art is revealed, it’s a photograph taken by Spencr Tunick as part of the Dream Amsterdam programme. The photo was taken at the same point on a specially constructed bridge so that the women appear to be floating above the water.

Spencer Tunick is famous for taking staged photographs of large groups of naked people. Somehow the nakedness is lost in the view of the photo and we’re all refreshingly blobby.

(You can see more of his works here, and sign up to take part here.)


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