The fruity kind that is, we went berry picking at a secret location in Amsterdam yesterday morning.

We timed it between rain showers, and had to dodge not only blackberry thorns but also stinging nettle. Above us a group of blackbirds were lined up on a wall, apparently complaining that we’d found their secret supplies.

We brought back about 2kg of fresh wild blackberries. I’ve made a fruit syrup, by boiling 1 litre of water, 400g sugar and the peel of one lemon until it was reduced by half, cooling slightly and then adding the fruit.

It makes a great ice cream topping, especially if it’s rewarmed slightly. But tonight’s treat will be apple and blackberry crumble. Mmmm.


2 thoughts on “Blackberries!

  1. Where are the blackberries??????

    I usually love to go in surrey, england where I was brought up. And this year I wanted to find a spot oin Amsterdam.

    Please please please let me know!!

    Thanks kindly…..(I promise I won’t tell anyone else!!)

  2. Well since you beg!

    Walk to the top of Prinsengracht, past Harlemmerstraat, under the railbridge, and follow the road to the right. The blackberries are there on your right, along a stretch of about 15 metres, they’re against a fence and alongside the railway line.

    The google co-ordinates are 52 22 57.23 N, 4 53 29.84E.

    I’d say there will be some again this weekend, and possibly one more after that, so go soon.

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