Fragata Libertad: Argentina Navy Training Ship

The Fragata Libertad, the Argentine Navy training ship is in port, she’s impressive.The ship will be open to the public today Sunday, plus Monday and Tuesday, from 13.00 to 17.00.The whole boat has been refurbished and outfitted so that she can now carry women cadets. In the past the Argentine Navy (like most nations) did not recruit women.
In full sail she’s glorious, and fast. She has held the Boston Teapot Trophy several times, last in 1998, and set a record for a transatlantic crossing under sail back in 1966.

There was an event aboard the ship while it was in Amsterdam, and someone at the event shot this film of it. The subtitles are in Spanish, but it’s fairly simple Spanish!

3 thoughts on “Fragata Libertad: Argentina Navy Training Ship

  1. i was wondering what that huge ship was when i passed it by train. It looks awesome sailing! thanks for the info

  2. Glad to help! I think it leaves tomorrow, but I don’t think Amsterdam will see the ship with all the sails up.

    There’s a party on board tonight to farewell it.

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