Judicial Double Think

Apparently under the Dutch system, even if you’re caught as an illegal immigrant in the course of another type of police investigation you can’t be convicted or thrown out of the Netherlands. At least not unless the police already had reasonable suspicion that you were an illegal immigrant before they approached you.


I don’t get it. In the Netherlands there is a legal requirement that you carry ID. If you’re a foreigner here it must be ID that confirms your status in the Netherlands. The police can always ask you to show your ID, and if you haven’t got it you’ll be taking a trip to the station. So there can not be any suggestion of “entrapment”.

So the police raided a cafe looking for internet criminals. Criminals operating the forward fee fraud, where you are sent an email suggesting you’ve won a large sum of money but need to pay 1500 euro to open an account – you’ll be asked for further ‘fees’ but you’ll never see any of your ‘winnings’. In the course of that they found people who were here illegally, but these people seem to be unlikely to be deported. Which tells cyber criminals that Amsterdam is a great place to set up business – no-one will be able to do anything.

In this case wiser heads have prevailed, temporarily, and the Council of State has decided that the “illegals” should stay in prison while the case is investigated further. It’ll be five weeks before there’s any further decision.


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