New Library

Amsterdam’s new public library was officially opened today.

It’s in a brand new, purpose built building, on the old harbour area, 7 floors of books sounds a lot like my idea of heaven. The collection includes books in a myriad of languages, there is a big English language section, plus Spanish, Arabic, Persian and others. For 25 euro per year it’s probably the best value in town.

You should be able to see more images from the opening on their website from Sunday 08 July.

The whole building is flooded with natural light, and the feeling is spacious and airy. It’s a big contrast to the old library on Prinsengracht which was dark and cramped. The lowest floor is the children’s area, it is overlooked by other sections of the library – making it so much easier for families using the library. There are also event rooms/spaces on (I think!) every floor.
There are some delightful design elements, some foam “egg chairs” and these work cubicles, designed to let students have a little privacy while they work.
On the seventh floor is a terrace cafe which probably has the best view in the city, it overlooks the old harbour, the large building in the background to the left is the Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum).

4 thoughts on “New Library

  1. Doesn’t it look amazing!? I’d love to go and have a look once. It seems as if they’ve really found a new way of looking at a ‘library’.

    My newspaper, in its review of the new building, was saying it’ll be a must-visit attraction in every new tourist guide to come – if only for the view across the city.

  2. I’m not sure about the “must visit” but it is the best view in the city… although the old post office is higher so that might be even more exciting once it’s done.

  3. I went to visit it and it is very inspiriting. Lots of stuff to see inside. it reminded a friend a “2001 odyssey one” atmosphere, cos it is all in white inside. My only worry is that if too many tourists come, they could be forbidding the entrance without library cards. The self service restaurant at the top floor is great, inexpensive. And I’ll go back.

    Thanks for this blog, really pleasant to read.

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