Wilders is a Feminist?

Geert Wilders has introduced legislation to ban the burqa in the Netherlands. It’s a sad day for the Dutch constitution that guarantees freedom of religious expression in the Netherlands.

He says he wants it banned because it’s a “symbol of female oppression”, this would be laudable except it’s coming from the mouth of someone with a track record of anti-immigration rhetoric rather than as a feminist. So the credibility is a bit low.

His other rationale is that burqas “contribute to a feeling of insecurity on the streets”, but his proposed legislation does not cover balaclavas and motorbike helmet that also cover the face.

Apparently there are between 50-100 women in the Netherlands who wear the burqa. There have been no reported security incidents of burqa-wearing gangs attacking people, thieving or defacing public property.

As I’ve said earlier, I’m no fan of the burqa, but banning it does not increase our security, nor does it prove our interest in women’s rights.

It dehumanises us all, I can only hope that the reports that it will not pass parliament are correct.

2 thoughts on “Wilders is a Feminist?

  1. He wants to ‘save’ them from themselves when they are okay with being who they are. It’s sad, because if the bill gets passed it is an injustice against the women who choose to wear it of their own free will.

  2. My suspicion is that the women wearing the burqa won’t integrate more if the ban is enforced – they’ll stay home.

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