Lartigue – delightful surprise

I went off to the FOAM museum today to see the Face 2 Face exhibition (which was excellent), but stumbled upon a small collection of photos from Jacques Henri Lartigue.

Lartigue came from a very wealthy French family, a very loving, if slightly eccentric family. His father gave him a camera when he was six, and he was hooked, taking photos over the coming decades up to his death in 1986.

He was fascinated with flight and speed, and took photos of racing cars and early flights. But it’s his delightful family photos that particularly entranced me. The sense of joy and playfulness is really strong through all the photos.

The other set of photos that intrigued me were those of society ladies, with elaborate hats. It’s such a contrast to our current casual society.

Lartigue kept copious diaries and albums of his work, some are shown in this filmclip (Dutch only). If he were alive now, he’d be a blogger.


One thought on “Lartigue – delightful surprise

  1. I was at the FOAM museum in July 2007 as well, and have been searching for the name of this artist for years.

    I wrote his name on my ticket stub, but lost it. Thank you so much for writing about the exhibit! FOAM doesn’t keep an online database of all their exhibits, I had almost given up hope, when I stumbled upon your blog!

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