Ban the Koran

Geert Wilders famous for being anti-immigration, against dual nationality and ignorant about Islam has called for the Koran to be banned from shops, homes and mosques. He says this would provide a clear signal to Islamists who use the teachings of the Koran to justify violence.

I’m in shock.

Firstly there’s a clear flaw in his logic; banning the Koran will justify the Islamists belief that the Netherlands is an enemy nation, and may be used to justify attacks.

The vast majority of Muslims are not Islamists, so banning the Koran will hurt a community and cause resentment and possibly increased radicalisation among young Muslims.

Then there is the small matter of the Dutch constitution. Article 6 states; Everyone shall have the right to manifest freely his religion or belief.


One thought on “Ban the Koran

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