Campaign Against Terrorism

This is an old campaign, it’s just been restarted in Amsterdam. The text reads

In the Netherlands more than 200,000 professionals are working together against terrorism. You can also do something.

The 200,000 total is arrived at by counting police, customs, justice department, train station security personnel, F-16 pilots, security guards, drivers, tax assessors and many others. Most of whom won’t be spending their whole workday working worrying about terrorism.

The site offers advice on what we can do, and it’s logical stuff, be wary when in big crowd situations, take note of emergency exits etc. Stuff that it makes sense to do anyway for personal security – without getting into terrorism issues.

So naturally someone had to have some fun with it, and they’ve come up with a campaign against bad weather. They’ve twisted almost everything from the original site “Almost everyone in the Netherlands is against terrorism, whatever their religion or beliefs might be” becomes “Almost everyone in the Netherlands is against bad weather, even people without umbrellas”.

True, and about to become truer as we head into winter.

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