Fold Away Clothes

This dress is made of paper, folded and fanned in layers to produce a dress that evokes Victorian dimensions in a sculptural way. The construction is done with netting and pins, and there’s a train of about 5m not shown in this photo. This incredible work is by Zoe Bradley, who creates one-off works of wearable art.

The dress is on show at Platform 21, which is an area of Amsterdam under development, the idea is that it will become a new centre of design.

Also on show as part of the Folding Exhibition were two insects created by Robert Lang. He’s a physicist by training, but origami seems to have taken over his life, he creates incredible animals from single sheets of paper. He’s taken origami to a whole new level, creating a software program to calculate the folding patterns for his designs.

Address Platform 21
Prinses Irenestraat 19
1077 WT Amsterdam
Opening Times Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 19:00
(but check their website to check)
Getting there
10 minutes walk from Amsterdam Zuid station,Take tram 5 to Prinses Irenestraat stop on Beethovenstraat

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