Long Term Bike Parking

I was heading to central station yesterday afternoon and I saw a bunch of bikes being loaded on to the back of a white flat deck truck. It sounds a little suspicious but they’re an official crew.

The bike parks are overcrowded and lots of people leave their bikes there for ages, months. A couple of times a year a crew will go around the bike stations and tag bikes that have been there too long. The tags give people a deadline on when the bikes will be removed (a week or so later I think). If your bike is removed you have to call a central depot and go and retrieve it.

Right after I took this photo one of the crew asked me not to photograph them, apparently occasionally people get upset with the bike removers and get aggressive. I apologised, explained it was for a blog, promised that no faces would be shown, and offered to show him the photo – and delete it if he had concerns. Suddenly it was no problem, all smiles and chatty. So here’s the photo.


2 thoughts on “Long Term Bike Parking

  1. The city is laced with cycle lanes, but even where there are no cycle lanes cyclists seems to claim right of way. There are also lots of places to park your bike. So it’s all pretty easy.

    You do have to watch out for the trams (and the tram tracks), and bike theft is the most common crime.

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