Wilders in trouble; again.

Wilders is busy making a film on the Koran. Given that this man has previously suggested that the Koran be banned from the Netherlands (against the constitution) we can assume it doesn’t take a positive or open point of view.

Dutch colleagues rolled their eyes when I asked them what they thought. Their attitude is one of frustration and embarrassment. Few share his views. Moroccan groups in the Netherlands have expressed a desire to have Wilders prosecuted for discriminating against Muslims. Elsewhere in the world the reaction is even stronger, Iran has said that there will be disruptions and that they would have to re-examine the relationship between Iran and the Netherlands if the Netherlands allows the film to be shown. I’m sure other Islamic nations would follow.

The official attitude here is that the show cannot be banned, free speech is guaranteed in the constitution, with very limited possibilities of censorship most of which is based on public order or protecting minors. However the TV stations here do not want to broadcast the show – which is their decision.

The whole situation is getting worse, and there’s no sign of any conclusion being reached. It’s now got to the point where Geert Wilders has been advised to leave the country temporarily when the film is released. Wonder where he’ll go, there are 1 to 2 billion Muslims in the world, and they’re in every country.


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