Ik ben Ben!

When I first arrived in the Netherlands a new phone company “Ben” was launched, they used the tagline “Ik ben Ben” which means “I am Ben”. Their ads always featured a great diversity of people; young skateboarder kid, Turkish woman, Indian guy – people who don’t normally feature in advertising here.

I was just beginning to learn Dutch, and I greatly annoyed my Dutch friends by dropping “Ik ben Ben” into the conversation at inopportune moments.

Ben is back, technically they never went away, the just weren’t at retail level. These ads are up all over town. “Ben er weer” is their new slogan. “I’m here again”.


3 thoughts on “Ik ben Ben!

  1. I love their campagnes, friend of mine used to work for Ben. There’s a sim card only company nowadays, but still have the same advertising agency.

  2. Another fan signing in. I never understood why they gave up ‘ik ben ben’ for T-mobile. I thought it was sheer brilliance, so simple but so catchy and appealing (or I thought so at least).

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