“Book Seeks Reader”

These billboards are up around town, promoting an exhibition of book advertisements since the seventeenth century. The exhibition runs until 1 June, 10-5 each day, at Oude Turftmarkt 129 (near Muntplein).

The ads – at least the ones in the poster – aren’t for a specific book, but rather promoting books and reading in general. The one with the cat encourages you to “give a book”, the one to the right says “holidays: time to read”

According to the official information (translation mine)

The trigger for ‘Book Seeks Reader’ is the fact that the collection of the Library and Booksellers Foundation became part of the Special Collections fifty years ago. This exhibition on the theme of propaganda and advertisements for books gives a historic overview of how the Dutch reader has been led to buy books for many years. ‘Book Seeks Reader’ is part of the year of Amsterdam as the World Capital of Books, and Book Week 2008[12-22 March].

It looks like a fun exhibition, it’s a shame it’s not featured on the world book site.


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