No Smoking

Restaurants/Bars are smoke free from 1 July

The no smoking ban for restaurants and bars came into effect on 1 July in the Netherlands. I’m thrilled. I hate smelling someone else’s smoke when I’m eating. I hate smelling of smoke at the end of the night. Smoking makes me cry – literally; lots of smoke (think closed, cramped bars on a dark winter night) irritates my eyes. And that’s before we get to the long term effects of smoking.

It’s the long term effects of passive smoking that lead to the ban in the first place. Most people in the Netherlands have had the right to a smoke free workplace for a few years now, this law gives workers in bars and restaurants the same right.

This wall mounted ashtray is the first I’ve seen around Amsterdam. Some bars are going to extraordinary lengths to make smokers feel at home, there’s now a room spray with the smell of cigarettes. Apparently it’s good to disguise the smell of sweat and beer, because bar owners couldn’t use cedar.

4 thoughts on “No Smoking

  1. I agree! It will be nice this winter to enjoy warm Chocomel inside of a café without worrying about how smelly my hair/coat will become from the nearby chainsmoke.

    I was recently at an outdoor café on a day when it wasn’t raining again. I was disappointed to have sitting around me several people smoking at their tables. I forgot how the smoking ban didn’t effect outdoor seating. Doh. Next time I’ll check the direction of the wind with the wet finger in the air-trick before choosing my spot on the terrace.

  2. I think that’s the only downside – I am having to dodge smokers on the pavement. At least their smoke disperses quickly.

  3. Ooooh I love this!!! That was always one of my pet peeves. They have smoking and non-smoking areas and you’d have a non-smoking table with a smoking table only a foot away. What was the point?

    I’ve always found it so rude when people smoke while others are trying to eat. Now I’m so happy that smokers are forced to wait until they are outside so the rest of us can eat in peace!

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