In memory…

Flowers surround the memorial plaque

Flowers surround the memorial plaque

I spotted these flowers arranged on the ground on Voetboogstraat today, they surround a plaque commemorating the death of a young man. Today, 17 August, is the anniversary of his death.
The text on the memorial tells the story;

Four drunk guys came into the Vootboogstraat looking for a fight. They hit eight people all together; cafe-goers who were sitting eating fries, a tramp, bystanders who tried to stop the violence. Joes Kloppenburg called out “cut it out!”. He was beaten to death. He was twentysix.

Above the plaque is a sign saying “Help”, a reminder of some unanswered cries of help.


2 thoughts on “In memory…

  1. Holy shit, ugh!!!

    I guess at least we have the comfort of knowing that violence like that isn’t AS common here as in other places. If a sign was put up for every place someone was killed due to senseless violence in North America, you’d see it glowing from outer space.

  2. Indeed! Although this isn’t the only person killed in a violent attack in the Netherlands – there was a guy shot at a restaurant in central Amsterdam a couple of years ago, but he was part of a drugs ring. I think it was the unprovoked nature of this that really led people to create a monument.

    I’ve known about this monument for years – but it as only seeing the flowers on it that prompted me to blog it!

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