Welcoming the Olympians Home

To welcome the Dutch Olympians home there was a big free party at the Amsterdam Olympic stadium, I went past as it was ending and everyone was leaving. The Dutch team was very successful, winning medals in cycling, rowing, field hockey, sailing, judo, water polo and equestrian. The women were far more successful than the men with wins in sailing, swimming, golds in field hockey and water polo.

The Amsterdam Stadium was all dekked out in orange last Monday to welcome them back and you can just see the “Welkom Thuis” slogan through the gate.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming the Olympians Home

  1. Hi canalrat,

    I am following your blog since more or less one month and I really like it: short posts with a descriptive picture and with a pinch of humour (I am still laughing about the silver bike visible even on a dark night 🙂

    I would like to add a link to your blog in mine, which is also about living in the Netherlands.


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