The world’s largest bouquet?

Possibly – it’s part of a floral exhibition in the Jordaan called Shop for a Week.

It’s set up by Ueli Signer and Florian Seyd to showcase their extraordinary floral designs. It’s certainly attracting a lot of attention – when I took this photo there was a group of Italians excitedly taking photos.

You’re invited to visit the exhibition – this week only – at Noorderkerkstraat 9. You can’t miss it, it’s the one with the flowers outside.

5 thoughts on “The world’s largest bouquet?

  1. The “Shop for a Week” is over and they were packing up on Sunday night… so I adopted one of the glorious fat roses from this display, it still looks glorious and we’re up to Wednesday.

    Interestingly this display was left out on the street for the whole week, lots of people photographed it but it didn’t get damaged and the flowers seemed to remain there. Nice to see in a centre city locale.

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