One bike, two locks

Bike theft remains one of the most common crimes in Amsterdam – but proper bike locking can deter thieves.

So a huge, city council sponsored billboard has appeared in Amsterdam.

Instructions for locking your bike

This billboard is on the multi-storey bike park outside central station. It explains how to lock your bike “Park your bike in a rack and use two different locks through the frame and the wheel” and tells you who to call if your bike is still stolen (AFAC 020 33 44 522).


6 thoughts on “One bike, two locks

  1. Funny post, like always! It seems a bit strange that “Amsterdammers” have to learn about it… by the way it’s now almost impossible to park the bike outsite central station. Any idea what’s happend there?

  2. Machi – mine has three if you count the inbuilt one on the back wheel. The two chain locks weigh as much as the bike.

    Batateira, no idea, the whole area around central station is a mess partly because of the building for the north-south line. But the big parking lot gets cleared out every so often, maybe it’s time for that?

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