Museum Night

The museums of Amsterdam open for one night a year, it’s known as “Museumnacht” and it’s on Saturday 1 November. Around 40 museums take part often providing special programmes or tours to take advantage of the different environment. For example you can visit the zoo at night.

The events go on to the early hours of the morning and there are afterparties around town as well.

You can buy tickets around the Netherlands – larger post offices, GWK offices and the Free Record Shops – for 17 euro. Or on the night for 20 euro between 7 and 10 pm at the AUB ticket shop on Leidseplein, and at GWK stores on Damrak, Leidseplein and Central Station. There’s more info on the site but unfortunately only in Dutch.


3 thoughts on “Museum Night

  1. Oh, museumnacht is great! If you’re going, try a couple of the smaller museums. I LOVED the Pianola museum, with amazing classical music performance in a tiny space. Hmm, I wonder why I’m not going this year…

  2. THANK YOU !!
    I looked at the web site and the evening looked marvelous. ‘Drive in from Arnhem, got a ticket on Saturday afternoon, ‘found a hotel room for the night, and hit the streets (trams, buses) on the dot of seven. I’ll post pictures and experiences today, but was out past two, hit about eight sites, and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
    I would not have known about this if not for you, ‘great suggestion (and I did go to the zoo 🙂 )

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