New Year Traditions

Oliebollen and Appelbeignets

Oliebollen and Appelbeignets

Traditional food for New Year

Oliebollen, the round ones closest to camera, are deep fried fruity dumplings. They’re best served hot with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Appelbeignets, the flat lighter ones in the distance are slices of apple with a light batter, deep fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. They’re my favourite.

Inflatable champagne bottle

Inflatable champagne bottle

Champagne, is associated with celebration in many countries – including this one. This was outside the best local wine shop, it’s on Haarlemmerstraat. They have a great selection of wine and are very knowledgeable. With an Italian in the house we chose a Prosecco rather than Champagne.

Fireworks over Amsterdam

Fireworks over Amsterdam

The news this morning is full of beautiful displays of fireworks from all around the world. in Amsterdam it’s a little different, everyone buys their own fireworks and lets them off at around midnight. It results in a spectacular display above the city, with the iconic gables of Amsterdam houses backlit by what seems to be a thousand stars.

It’s hard to photograph fireworks though!

Lottery Tickets - losing ones

Lottery Tickets - losing ones

One other tradition for New Year (at least in our house) is the national lottery. We didn’t win.

Back to work next week.


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