Go home Wilders

Geert Wilders, the right wing MP who has campaigned against Islam, and worked to ban or even destroy the Koran. The man who has angered Muslims across the world by producing a biased film casting Islam as a violent and agressive religion. The man who now needs a security detail which is funded by the tax-payer… was denied entry into the UK earlier this week.

He planned to go to London for a screening of his film (which is biased and badly made), but was advised by the UK government that he would be denied entry.

He went anyway, accompanied by a posse of reporters, and was duly turned around at Heathrow.

The film screening was attended by just 25 people.

Wilders hides behind the right to the freedom of speech, guaranteed in the Dutch constitution, which is why it is difficult to challenge or contain him – he has a right to say this nonsense that few Dutch people agree with. However he has stretched this right to breaking point, and now a Dutch court has said he should be tried for inciting racial hatred based on numerous complaints, including those against his statement that the Koran should be banned – which conflicts with another constitutionally guaranteed right; the right to freedom of religious expression.

Given that he knew he would be denied entry this was another publicity stunt. And by denying him entry Britain has made a ‘populous twit and bigot’ world famous according to Michael Portillo. Yes, for about 5 minutes.


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