Richard Avedon Exhibition

There’s a new exhibition at Foam Museum, featuring photographs from his life’s work. At the entrance is the iconic “Dovima with Elephants“, which he considered a failure as a photo.

For me the wonderful thing about the exhibition was seeing the different periods in his work. His fashion work was fresh and exciting particularly when he first started – yet the images have stood the test of time.

He also photographed the famous and powerful over the years – from politics to art to literature to film. Always photographed with a sort of personal depth.

Richard Avedon Exhibition

Richard Avedon Exhibition

The image of Marilyn Munroe is haunting for its quietness. The one of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor shows two miserable people. There’s a documentary filled with interviews where he explains the “tricks” employed to get those, and other, images.

The exhibition is on until 13 May, it’s worth seeing.

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