Pillow fight 2

My post this morning was picked up and re-used by Entertainment @ U Want 2 Know .Info

I regard this as theft and have asked for the service provider of that site to remove it – since all content on there appears to be swiped from various other sources.

I would contact the blogger directly but there is no contact information, and comments on the site are closed.

I write this blog in my spare time, for fun. I don’t try to make money off it. It angers me that some other lazy shit who can’t write his own content steals mine to make money.

This is the kind of stunt that gives bloggers a bad name.


3 thoughts on “Pillow fight 2

  1. How did you find out? I doubt that there is much that can be done, but you might consider at least putting a creative commons terms of use on yoru content so that you have a basis for objecting to use that you don’t permit. It won’t stop it, but might get the hosts’ attention faster.

  2. That is just the worst thing in the world to have happen! I’m curious to know how you found out about it. I also have a blog about living in Amsterdam, and I’ve often wondered if my content ends up where it shouldn’t…

    Any suggestions on how to find this stuff? Terribly sorry someone did this to you, it’s a great blog you have.

  3. I found out because wordpress blog service keeps track of comments and track backs, in this case labelling them as spam.

    I usually try to approach the blogger directly, or the service provider. So far the only service provider that’s been helpful is wordpress. (In this case the blog uses wordpress software but hosts it somewhere else, so wordpress can’t help)

    Thanks for the creative commons tip Dave – I’m going to try that. (I already have basis for complaint – but this would make it official!)

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