Queensday Controversy

April 30 is Queensday in the Netherlands, it’s the biggest national holiday. The city council website has a Queensday section with information about events, rules and maps showing the walking route. It’s all in Dutch which is strange since it’s in contrast with the stated goal from the council funded “I Amsterdam” campaign of attracting foreigners to the city for Queensday.

But that campaign isn’t going so well either. The posters created feature world leaders enjoying Queensday, or rather worldleaders photoshopped into the posters as if they are enjoying Queensday. There are three posters, one features Obama and Putin walking hand-in-hand wearing tshirts saying “Kiss me I’m drunk”, the second features Hilary Clinton in an orange bikini and orange afro wig, and the third features Berlusconi and Sarkozy wearing big smiles and orange feather boas.

picture-19Apparently the French Embassy complained. I’m not sure if the problem was the proximity with Berlusconi or the feather boa. And the Obama Putin poster was thought to be over the top, particularly as Putin is a teetotally, and was withdrawn at the last minute.

Images of the posters have been removed from the I Amsterdam website, and although I saw some up on Friday they may have been removed over the weekend.

However you can still see them on flickr, along with another photoshopped image, Queen Beatrix enjoying July 4 celebrations.


One thought on “Queensday Controversy

  1. Coincedentally I just finished up my draft about this same topic & linked to you on mine. I love your photo selection 😉 Great coverage on this! I saw your link via the Random Walks in Low Countries blog.

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