Liberation Day

It was “Bevrijdingsdag” on Tuesday, Liberation Day. It’s only a holiday every five years so the only noticeable difference was some flags flying high and these signs indicating sites related to events in WWII, with archival photos.

This one was near towards Blauburgwal, “11 May 1940. A German plane was hit by anti-aircraft artillery over Sloterdijk. The plane flew on, but managed to drop two bombs. They landed in the centre of Amsterdam. One bomb ricocheted off a bridge into water, but another bomb dropped on a row of terraced houses.”

Here’s the same view today as shown in the photo on the stand above. It might be the same tree, but the house the right is definitely the same.

There’s also a website where you can see the sites on a map, along with the photos and explanations in Dutch and English. Some of the photos show Jewish encampments within Amsterdam, some show bodies of those killed in Amsterdam. It’s a sombre reminder of Amsterdam’s history.

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