The worst hotel in the world

Picture 17 The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel In Amsterdam has taken bad hotel management to an art form – or at least their advertisements have.

Their early ads proclaimed “Now: A door in every room!”, “Now, Even Less Service” and other slogans that play on their budget status. Later ads played on the theme of “accidental ecology”, still later the ads focused on “improving your immunology” with the idea that exposing yourselves to the bugs in the hotel will er, strengthen your immune system. The most recent ads focus on unique design.

The joke has become so iconic that the hotel has now produced a book – available on

It’s a budget hotel for young backpackers, it comes in at 3.5 stars on Virtual Tourist with most people commenting that it’s pretty basic and a bit noisy. Still you get what you pay for – it’s 20-40 euro per night.

You can check it on street view

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