Wiki loves Art loves Amsterdam

The first photograph added to Wiki loves art/NL, a ring from the Jewish Historical Museum.

The first photograph added to Wiki loves art/NL, a ring from the Jewish Historical Museum.

Various museums around the Netherlands are taking part in a month long Wiki Love Art event this month.

It’s an opportunity to photograph some works of art that are usually off limits. Share the photos on flickr and you’re in to win prizes.

The goal is to increase the number of quality photos available on wikimedia commons, similar initiatives have already been tried around the world.

Participating Museums/Organisations in Amtsterdam

Allard Pierson (tag: allardpierson)
ING Art Management (tag: ing)
Joods Historisch Museum (tag: jhm)
Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (tag: nimk)
NEMO (tag: nemo)
Tropenmuseum (tropenmuseum)
Van Gogh Museum (tag: vangogh)

For other museums around the Netherlands, and the appropriate tags, go to the site.

The Rules To Take Part

(translation mine – original Dutch here)

Step 1: Make a Flickr account.

  • If you don’t already have a flickr account you can make one for free here. You can find instructions to sign up on the Flickr website

Step 2: Upload the photos

  • Wiki loves art /NL takes place during the whole month of June. So you need to take your photos at participating museums in June, and upload the photos to Flickr. Photos taken outside this period cannot be included in the Wiki loves art/NL project!

Step 3: Add the correct title and tags

  • It’s really important that all your photos are correctly tagged. As part of the Wiki Loves Art each photo must have a title and use standardised tags. Without these tags we won’t be able to identify the item in the photo or tell which museum it is from. For each photo we need the following details:
    • The title of the work  (as the title of the photo): Name of the artwork, name of the maker (if known), year (if knonw). For example  Nachtwacht, Rembrandt van Rijn (1642)
    • The tag WLANL
    • A tag with the name of the museum: a tag with the (short) name of the museum where the photo was taken. I’ve added the tags for the participating Amsterdam museums above, for participating museums around the rest of the Netherlands check the official site.
    • A tag with your Flickr name.
    • At some museums there are lists that include a “collection code” for the works available to be photographed. If this code is available then that code should also be added as a tag to the photo.

Step 4: License the photos under the Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution licence.

Step 5: Join the Wiki loves Art group and add your photos to this group.

Step 6: After the project all the photos will be checked.

  • The Wiki loves art/NL team, with colleagues from the museums taking part will look at each of the photos. Photos that meet all the conditions of the competition will be sent to a jury. There are attractive prizes on offer from camera equipment to museum entrance subscriptions. Prizewinners will be notified before 1 September 2009. Photos that met all the conditions will also be added Wikimedia Commons.

Further Rules:

  • Communication should always be via the Flickr group. You can ask questions and they’ll answer them as quickly as possible (note; it doesn’t say so, but I’m sure it would be OK to ask questions in English)
  • Photos submitted must be your own work.
  • Go for quality photos, rather than quantity. Take into account any limits on upload connected to your flickr account
  • Take notes at the same time as you take the photograph, that will help you get the details right.
  • In addition to these rules some museums may have additional rules relating to photography of their artifacts. You’ll find these rules on the pages of the individual museums.

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