Anti-Islam party wins 4 seats in EU election

… and the party’s leader calls for the Dutch government to stand down.

The man needs to go back to school and learn some maths, and then relearn democracy.

Firstly here are the results;

Picture 2

Summary of the results

There’s a summary of the parties available on Wikipedia.

The election results show several changes, big losses for CDA and PvdA, two of the three parties in the current government coalition. In the current climate the government is not that popular – it’s the economy. But the changes shown don’t really represent a big swing to the right, the losing parties are centrist, and the gaining parties are on the extremes. Groenelinks and D66 are further to the left and PVV is further to the right.

It’s certainly a gain for Geert Wilders’ ironically named party (PVV = Partij voor de Vrijheid = Freedom Party), and it should perhaps be a wakeup call for the government and the electorate. But calling for a new election makes no sense at all.

Start with the numbers;

Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam party PVV is the big winner in the European elections in the Netherlands with almost 17% of the vote.

Voter turnout was 36.5%, which means that around 6% of the voters turned up and voted for Wilders, which is comparable to the last national election.

So Wilders statement doesnt’ make sense, he does not have the electorate backing, and the total support has not changed since the 2006 national elections.

Secondly, this election is for the members of the European Parliament, not the national parliament. There is no constitutional reason to have the representation be the same in each parliament, and there is no constitutional issue if they don’t match.

Again Wilders is sensationalist, and using the very freedoms granted in our democracy to repress others who potentially seek those freedoms.


4 thoughts on “Anti-Islam party wins 4 seats in EU election

  1. “by using the very freedoms granted in our democracy to repress others who potentially seek those freedoms”

    ??????… excuse me???? … which freedom are trying to seek those who treat women like cows, murder gays and don’t respect anything except their own beliefs…

    Have you ever read about the Apostosy in Islam ? You would be surprised…

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