ArtZuid – Outdoor Sculpture

These wasps are about the size of a pig, and the fruit is about the height of a human – it’s part of the sculpture route set up along Apollolaan and Minervalaan from 16 August to 26 October. (Take tram 5 or 24 and get off at Apollolaan – where you’ll see these wasps)
I took these images today of some of the sculptures.
Rotting Fruit and Wasps by Florentijn Hofman,At first sight Amsterdam Zuid looks like a quiet, shadowy part of Amsterdam. And still danger is lurking around the corner. As long as you’re hidden behind the high fences in the cool air-conditioned bunker nothing can happen to you. Once on the sidewalk or lawn you’ll imagine yourself in a jungle where wasps as big as pigs and angles as big as machetes have it in for you. Will you be their feast meal or will they prefer the rotting fruit?” is the question for Hofman


Bikini Bar by Joep van Lieshout

A meeting point for elderly people: beautiful, cruel and sensual, with a nice interior space. Both art and architecture, BikiniBar represents a building as a sculpture and a sculpture as a building. There is a place to rest inside, where people can withdraw from the busy beach life or bad weather. BikiniBar is the only female body you can enter without permission.

I found this sculpture disconcerting – a dismembered woman’s body, with a door in one leg so that people can enter? It screams misogyny. Having looked at the artist’s website I think I’m meant to be disconcerted – I guess that makes it more “art”, but I still don’t like it.


Translucide – Antoine Poncet

“The movement is essential in my quest. Everything is moving in nature, in life. Qe must go all the way, faith in search of balance. Maintaining this balance is essential for the sculpture, when you press too hard with your palm everything could fall. Although it is difficult to shape the material in the last phase to perfect satisfaction, this very complex exercise is at the same time the challenge I find my passion for sculpture in. To be able to make a sculpture, you need to bring the material to life, underastand and love it” Antoine Poncet.

This is the piece I could most live with of all the exhibits, but, although it’s one of the smaller pieces on display it’d still dwarf my tiny terrace.


Wachter 1 by Shinkichi Tajiri

After the war Tajiri left America to study with Ossip Zadkine in Paris. There he makes his first series of warriors. Tajiri “All my Warriors and Ronin are three dimensional icons remainders of certain war experiences which have left me with psychological scars. On inspecting the sculpture parts of the torso easily prove to be a suggestion. What we can make out are just fragments of feet, legs, arms, torsos and heads. “Since time immemorial a defensive sentinel day and night, vigilance and power to resist they protect communities against dangers. In their tightly compacted militant force exists a positive mental drive” says Tajiri.


The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin

Le Penseur shows a man in sober meditation struggling with a powerful internal issue. The work shows Dante sitting at the gates of Hell, pondering over a poem on the hellish fate of those under him. The sculpture creates a philosophical mood. Rodin chose a heroic nude figure, in the tradition of Michelangelo. More than any other sculpture by Rodin Le Penseur was an instantly recognisable icon for intellect and poetry.

I’m sure all of that was true when it was built, but it’s become too iconic to hold much in the way of a philosophical mood now.



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