MuseumNacht (museum night)

Museum night is coming up on Saturday 7 November, this year’s programme – and website – has got a glossier feel than I’ve seen in previous years.

They’ve also created a video competition with one minute videos to highlight Museum Night. Here’s my favourite entry.

The site has rather limited info in English but it’s easy enough to navigate and they have a system where you can create your own programme for the evening.

Step 1; register your account
click on “Mijn n8” at the upper right, you’ll be asked for name (voornaam), surname (achternaam), email and password.

Step 2; click on “Programma”

Picture 13
Step 3; select all the events you want to attend

Picture 15Step 4; Go back to “Mijn n8” to see the programme you’ve compiled and print it out.

Picture 16

You can still buy tickets either at the Ticketshop on Leidseplein.


3 thoughts on “MuseumNacht (museum night)

  1. We went for the night a couple of years ago, driving in from Arnhem and getting a hotel room to make an evening of it. It was great: the zoo animals are completely baffled by all of the people wanding around with flashlights, and the long lines outside the Rijksmuseum at 2 am were a wonder.

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