Abortion rights in the Netherlands


Protest on Dam Square

I saw a whole lot of police on the Dam square this afternoon, and wandered over to see what the protest was this time.

It’s protest to preserve women’s right to have an abortion, and it’s there as a counter a march from “Screeuw om leven” (Scream for life).

Their pamphlet points out that there are worrying changes in the Netherlands that could put pressure on the current liberal abortion laws. The Christian Unie party (with six of 150 seats in the second house) is exerting pressure, and through their pressure the “Vereniging ter Berscherming van het ongeboren kind” (society for the protection of the unborn child) will be advising on a new abortion guideline for doctors and counsellors.

Their presence there was stronger than that of the “Screeuw om Leven” group, but both groups seemed peaceful. However I can imagine that concerns of the police led to the strong police presence.

It saddens me. My mother fought for abortion rights when I was a child, and we’re back here again?


2 thoughts on “Abortion rights in the Netherlands

  1. I was disheartened when the “abortion boats” organization was fettered earlier this year and it’s frustrating to realize that this should even be an issue here. Governments and various religious groups need to stay out of a woman’s uterus. My uterus, my choice.

    Thanks for posting about this. I like to stay informed, but my limited Dutch makes it difficult sometimes.

  2. I have to confess – they were handing out leaflets in English and Dutch so in this case my shaky Dutch wasn’t a problem.

    Couldn’t agree more on the choice thing, I figure if you don’t like abortions you don’t have to have one. Simple really.

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