Going Nowhere

I spent the day at Schiphol today! Not because I’m a aeroplane fanatic or anything but because I was trying to fly somewhere. Unfortunately the weather got in the way and my flight was cancelled.

There were a lot of flights cancelled and hundreds of travellers trying to rebook flights. Most people were resigned to waiting to speak to an agent to rebook their flight – afterall there’s not much else you can do. But I did see several angry people getting quite loud and shouty with various ground staff. I don’t know what they expect to achieve, yelling rarely inspires people to give you better service, and it’s certainly not the fault of the airline that a lot of snow has fallen in the last couple of days.

I’ve managed to rebook my flights I think – I’m waiting on an email confirmation. So I’ll be trying again tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Going Nowhere

  1. Good luck! My mother in law was supposed to arrive tonight from Italy, but her flight seems to be cancelled, too, although there seems to be some confusion about that. Of course, even if she were to arrive, getting her from Schipol to Utrecht may present some problems if the trains aren’t running properly. I must admit that I’m happy I’m not the one travelling this year!

  2. I have a few friends who were stuck at Schipol as well. Serious bummer. I hate the time it usually takes waiting for a flight, I’d go completely bezerk if I had to wait after a cancelled flight! Hope you get away ok!

    • I got rebooked to a flight Monday morning… which was delayed by about an hour. I already suspected it might be delayed when I went to the gate at boarding time and there was no plane.

      I’m a bit philosophical about it – plus I take a book to read.

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